101West Project Management is a branch company of West Incorporated Global, responsible for our green projects in the field of Waste Management and Affordable Eco-friendly Construction.

It is our mission to not only realise green projects but to be a green company and make a positive contribution to the environment and to the world’s carbon footprint.

In the field of waste management we aim to increase awareness and attitudes toward the need for solid waste management and to emphasize on the fact that poor management of waste presents a major environmental and public health risk. This need is a new concept in many countries, especially in the rapidly growing urban centres of the developing world.

Our affordable building concepts are resulting from our commitment to develop new methods of bringing new technology to the construction sector with an eye for greener products and such that do not leave any waste for recycling, in the interest of protecting the environment. These new building panels help to reduce building costs while at the same time comply with International building standards, and also reduce the time in the erection of various type buildings.