West Project Management (WPM) is a Consortium of companies carefully designed to ensure that the expertise of its partners can be effectively brought to bear and then supported by large scale capacity.

WPM has earned a solid reputation, best reflected in the projects it has realized. Combining relevant 60+ years international experience, resources, expertise, technology, skills and dedication, enhanced by a code of ethics, we have managed to create one of the world’s premier investment teams, capable of sourcing, structuring, project managing and realising a wide range of projects across different market sectors.

WPM operates a diverse portfolio spanning a variety of industries around the globe:

  • Conventional Construction: Heavy Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Engineering and Residential.
  • Alternative Construction
  • Energy – Power Station and Transmission
  • Waste to energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Civil works
  • Road Construction
  • Environmental and Hydraulic Works
  • Shipbuilding
  • Refinery Construction
  • International Trade
  • Worldwide Investment

We have been awarded many prestigious projects in a variety of market segments and we are sufficiently resourced to expand and take advantage of new opportunities in various investment environments.

After years of successful collaborative work, the companies within WPM have managed to integrate their products and services and thus add value to each other, to build a working management structure and adequately plan activities and investments at a network level and to create its own economical equilibrium.

WPM is focused on identifying opportunities and investing across a mixed portfolio of assets. We aim to facilitate the investment of third party capital, maximize revenue and achieve the highest economy potential of the countries, in which we operate. We aim to leverage our team’s success gained in international markets to date. Our focus is currently on medium to large scale projects typically with €25 – €100 m gross development value.

Combining core experience with local market expertise, our team has the ability to deliver a wide range of investment opportunities on an even larger scale in conjunction with new JV partners.

Brian Conneely
West Project Management is thriving under the guidance and leadership of its founder and CEO, Mr Brian Conneely, who has over 25 years of investment and management experience.

Charismatic, energetic and visionary leader, Brian Conneely is known for his high integrity, innovative thinking and ability to quickly discern key business opportunities around the world and develop strategies and tactics to grow them into successful enterprises.

Due to his ability to envision and create successful ventures and establish strategic alliances, in the last 25 years, Mr Conneely and his premier investment team have executed more than 80 projects in various sectors in Europe and the Middle East, amassing a sum of €10bln+ of gross value.
Mr Conneely and the companies he is leading are investing across a mixed portfolio of assets and are constantly developing new business networks, as well as identifying investment opportunities in various investment environments around the world.

He has an extensive expertise in business development and growth management, raising capital, investment facilitation of third party capital, growing and maximizing revenues and profit, startup and capitalisation strategies, negotiating and closing deals, risk management, due diligence, deal structuring, forming strategic alliances, building shareholder value, team leading and development, product and company positioning, investor relations, property development and management, marketing and client service.

Mr Conneely has built up a strong record of successful startups, rapidly expanding and long standing enterprises. He believes that obstacles appear only when someone takes his eyes off his goals, and therefore never gives in to the circumstances or challenges he is facing. He rather perceives them as a motivation and inspiration to work harder and achieve even higher business goals.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business development

  • Growth management

  • Raising capital

  • Investment facilitation of third party capital

  • Growing and maximizing revenues and profit

  • Startup and capitalisation strategies

  • Negotiating and closing deals

  • Risk management

  • Due diligence

  • Deal structuring

  • Forming strategic alliances

  • Client Service

  • Building shareholder value

  • Team leading and development

  • Product and company positioning

  • Investor relations

  • Property development and management

  • Marketing