Our Diversified Industries

West Incorporated Global is focused on identifying opportunities and investing across a mixed portfolio of assets spanning a variety of industries around the globe.


Road Construction

Today in many regions there is a general shortfall in resources required to provide the traveling public with a suitable road network. Many of the problems have come from cuts in government funding as well as a lack of knowledge in new road development methods. This situation has forced a re-evaluation of conventional road design standards and construction methods.
Faced with these problems, many engineers have to specify the use of substandard or modified gravels on many roads.
To overcome some of the problems, road engineers have recently embarked on a series of trial evaluations using additives in pavement layers and gravel wearing courses.

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International Trade

Our trading business is focused on the export of a wide variety of commodities, manufactured in Turkey. We export worldwide and provide an array of additional import/export services. Our Turkish trading team has years long experience sourcing high quality locally manufactured products offering the best value for money. We export worldwide and provide an array of additional import/export services. Out Turkish trading team has years of experience sourcing products that offer the best value for money. We prepare, arrange and process all export related paperwork. We also offer trade credits to selected clients.

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Affordable Building Concepts

Our building concepts are resulting from our commitment to develop new methods of bringing new technology to the construction sector with an eye for greener products and such that do not leave any waste for recycling, in the interest of protecting the environment. These new building panels help to reduce building costs while at the same time comply with International building standards, and also reduce the time in the erection of various type buildings. Our system provides a complete 4 in 1 building solution, resulting in a cost effective, thermally efficient building method that will save up to 60% on raw materials and is 3.5 times faster than conventional building methods.

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Property Development and Management

According to Emerging Trends Europe, optimism has returned to Europe’s real estate industry. Sentiment among industry leaders about the prospects for their businesses is more positive than at any time since 2008, despite the uncertain macroeconomic outlook. Equity for investment in prime commercial real estate is expected to increase.Europe’s real estate markets continue to be challenging, but all sectors offer new investment potential too. The past five years were about survival. But 2013 marks the beginning of the rehabilitation.

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Waste Management

In the field of waste management we aim to increase awareness and attitudes toward the need for solid waste management and to emphasize on the fact that poor management of waste presents a major environmental and public health risk. We are able to establish facilities and offer an all-encompassing waste management services in the areas of glass recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, tyre recycling, renewable energy production from fish waste, renewable energy production from leather industry wastes, pyrolysis, PET container recycling, automotive oil recycling, cooking oil recycling and textile recycling.

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